Photoshoot 16N

Okay! yesterday was both a great day and a day that really sucked.
Starting with the good part, I was at 16N (my internship company) photoshoot for spring/summer 13, we were four interns there got responsibility to do casting on a lot of models. And I had never tried that before, so strange just to sit there and say “yes” or “no” must be really hard to be a model and deal with all the comments/judgements. Finally we found two models that suited eachother really well, since the theme was about Sherlock Holmes chasing Arsene Lupin (a very wellknown thief in France that also was a gentleman) two different looking models. I cannot show the pictures where you see the clothes since it has not been released yet, it will be at a fashion show at the 16th of November, I am also looking sooo much forward to that! and the sucky part… Last night when I was skyping with my sister I accidentally held tea in my laptop and it went completely black this morning, Apple wants to have 7000RMB to fix it! insane! I said no thanks…I am going to buy a new one when I get back to Denmark in December.

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Model competition SFW

I went to a model competition show the other day it was also a part of Shanghai Fashion Week. It was really fun to see. And Hey!…

I found myself in OK! magazine so cool. And almost next to the famous Susie Bubble.

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I wish…


Okay I already have the shoes but they just fit so well into it all.

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Shanghai Fashion Week part ll

Me in the printet pants and my friends yesterday.
I am wearing blouse – H&M, pants – Zara, Shoes – Acne, Bag – Zara

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Shanghai Fashion Week


I love SFW, it has been a crazy day with 4 different fashion shows and a lot of street style.
This lady is from a magazine in Hongkong unfortunately I did not get her name.

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More from 16N


I took these backstage pictures for the 16Éme Nord Grand Opening. And hey! I am going to the Shanghai Fashion Week friday and saturday, stay turned..

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Hello again..


I have for a loooong time not updated this blog, think I kind a just did not feel I was good enough or had the time for it, but here I am again.
I am at the moment in Shanghai where I am having a semester, right now I am doing a internship at a French menswear brand called 16Éme Nord. I make blog posts for their Weibo (some sort of Twitter) every day and here is one of them. You can see much more on


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